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Successful Sales Mindset

The Five Phobias & Super Powers

Successful Sales Mindset - The Five Phobias & Super Powers is a 2 hour long workshop that dives deep into the mental roadblocks that hinder sales (and personal) success. These mindset blocks not only impact sales and business but also resonate in every day life and keep us from reaching our full potential. In this workshop, we will explore:

  • The significance of mindset in sales and for your business

  • The characteristics and identifications of the "The Five Phobias" and their origins

  • Transforming each phobia into your personal super power

At the end of the workshop, you will acquire valuable tools to identify and understand each phobia, track it roots and transform it into a powerful asset for sales and personal success.

Tuesday June 9th - 10am PST

Sales 101

The Fundamentals Of Selling

Sales 101- The Fundamentals of Selling is the ideal workshop for anyone looking to learn or revisit the essentials of sales covering topics such as:

  • The significance of your sales funnel and how to optimize it

  • Strategies to attract your dream clients, even when starting from scratch

  • Establishing pricing that aligns with your values and feels right

You’ll finish this course with a detailed sales and marketing plan to acquire new clients, set pricing, negotiate all in a way that feel authentic to you and works to your strengths.

Wednesday May 24th - 2 to 4pm PST

About Christine

Christine is the founder of Soulful Selling and creator of The Quiet Selling Method™.

She has over 25 years of experience in selling and managing sales teams at Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and small businesses. Her goal is to empower everyone to feel confident selling themselves, their ideas and their products and services in a way that feels authentic and natural.

Her content has been featured by companies like LinkedIn, Nutshell, Mailshake, the Mission, Huffington Post, Inc and Forbes and has been frequently featured by Salesforce as a small business leader and speaker at the international Dreamforce conference.

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