Want the Inside Story about Soulful Selling? (Interview)

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have set your intentions
for an amazing 2017.

A few months ago, I was approached by Dr. Valerie Baker who was creating
a podcast about inspiring women entrepreneurs.  She asked to interview
me and that interview is now live!

If you want to hear the background on how I started Soulful Selling, check it out!

I share some of my earliest challenges and memories about being an extremely
shy child and how that actually led to my love of sales at an early age.

And I share how and why I walked away from a high six figure sales career
to follow my passion.  Its a bit embarrassing but I shared all the details with

You can listen here: https://drvaleriebaker.com/an-introverts-guide

And just a reminder, our Quiet Selling – Soulful Selling for Introverts Class is
coming up in a few months.  Sign up here for the wait list and get access to
early bird bonuses:  soufulselling.pages.ontraport.net/let-me-know

Here’s To a Prosperous 2017!

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