What's Your Super Power?

The Introvert’s Latent Super Power

Did you know that your introverted personality is a super power?

It truly is an amazing asset, let me tell you why…

What do you think is the #1 personality trait to help you generate more sales (and income) in your business?

It’s NOT a cheesy closing line.
It’s NOT how you look.
And it’s definitely NOT natural born talent.

So what is it…it’s the ability to LISTEN.

Think about what makes you introverted:

-Do you prefer deep conversation over crowded parties?
-Would you rather spend a quiet evening conversing near the fireplace than socializing in a loud club?
-Do you react to situations or reflect and contemplate before responding?

For introverts, the answers are obvious. And they boil-down to ONE key superpower: Active Listening.

After all, successful sales is all about understanding the needs of your customers and determining if you can fulfill those needs with your service or product. So while extroverts may have the ability to initiate conversation and deliver a sales pitch, they often forget to find out what the prospect really needs or wants.

It’s through listening you find out the pain points of your customers, discover their objections and (with a few good questions) determine the transformation they want to create in their life.

You have the innate skill to understand and empathize at a deep level.

In this way, people feel heard. They feel understood – by you.

This puts you in a very positive position: because if you’re the one that understands their problem, then you’re also the one to solve that problem… with your product or service.

Listening is the key.

I would love to hear from you.  What other introverted super powers do you have?

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