Is THIS Preventing You from Creating Miracles?

I talked to an amazing woman named Melinda a few weeks ago and she was kind enough to allow me to share her story.

She is a really beautiful soul. She is also a cancer survivor (although  she hates that term).  She helps others who are fighting cancer through photography and her art work.

When I spoke to her, it was clear that helping others that are going through what she did through art was her calling in life. She was so passionate about it and so excited.  I could feel her amazing  energy and the love she wanted to share but she told me something that I hear all the time.

She was worried about promoting her business because of  what other people might think of her.

This is a woman who is doing her soul’s work.  Someone that is truly a gift in this world and her biggest concern was what others might THINK about her??

It sounds crazy but I get it.
And I hear it all the time.

Men and women who have so much to contribute, who can create miracles But they are afraid of being judged!  They are afraid someone will think they are greedy or pushy Or that someone may think they are taking advantage of others Or that they will think they are less than perfect.

So here is my question for you?

Is your fear of judgement bigger than the opportunity to help others with your special gifts and create miracles?

Would you honestly deprive another person of a miracle just because it causes you a bit of discomfort?

I am hoping you are saying NO in your head right now.  If you’re not, you might want to unsubscribe right now because even though you may know that it does not make sense logically, that doesn’t make it easy to change. 

You can’t just flip a switch  and change yourself. It takes a lot of work and it means you really have to recognize the special gifts you have and honor them.  You have to step up to it and be ready to do the work.

But the good news is that YOU can do it.

And imagine what you could create if you felt comfortable sharing your gifts with others?

You could touch so many more people
You could make the money you deserve
You could spend more time doing what you love
You could change the world!!


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