Gratitude, Your Secret Weapon & Exhausted Extroverts…

This is a new bi-weekly feature that we want to share with our readers.  We read so many great articles every week on our team and it occurred to us that you may enjoy them as well!  So let us know what you think and if you have a great article to share, send it to [email protected]

This is how gratitude will make you a better leader and parent // Taking a small amount of time per day to be truly grateful will transform your life

I talk about the power of gratitude a lot.  It helps us ground ourselves, builds confidence and can even help us feel good enough to increase our pricing.  So I loved this article.  The gift of gratitude just keeps on giving…

How To Use Your Intuition (And When To Ignore It)

I used to have a problem figuring out how to differentiate between my intuition, ego and feelings of fear.  And I often wondered, is there ever a risk to following my intuition completely?  This is a simple but great article about exactly that.

Lewis Howes: Podcast interview with Gretchen Rubin: Happiness, Habits and Understanding Human Nature

I am totally obsessed with the Four Tendencies framework by Gretchen Rubin.  It makes so much sense to me and as a “Rebel” according to her quiz, I finally have given myself permission to have a problem with authority (and pretty much anyone who tells me what to do!).  So of course, I loved this interview with Lewis Howes.  There is so much insight into human nature and if you are an entrepreneur, understanding these differences is super important.  Check it out and let me know what tendency you are!

Extroverts May Be More Exhausted Than Introverts 3 Hours Later

You might be tired.  You might love naps (I know I do!)  But guess who else is tired?  Extroverts!  I am exhausted just watching and listening to them so just reading this article made me feel better (and slightly more energized).

Here’s How Ambitious Introverts Are Secret Weapons in Negotiation

Introverts have a lot of super powers.  We are super listeners, able to build a relationship in a single bound and have incredible powers of observation.  These super powers are often overlooked which makes them even more powerful.


If you have a great article to share, send it to [email protected]  We would love to share it!

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