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Gratitude, Your Secret Weapon & Exhausted Extroverts…

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This is how gratitude will make you a better leader and parent // Taking a small amount of time per day to be truly grateful will transform your life

I talk about the power of gratitude a lot.  It helps us ground ourselves, builds confidence and can even help us feel good enough to increase our pricing.  So I loved this article.  The gift of gratitude just keeps on giving…

How To Use Your Intuition (And When To Ignore It)

I used to have a problem figuring out how to differentiate between my intuition, ego and feelings of fear.  And I often wondered, is there ever a risk to following my intuition completely?  This is a simple but great article about exactly that.

Lewis Howes: Podcast interview with Gretchen Rubin: Happiness, Habits and Understanding Human Nature

I am totally obsessed with the Four Tendencies framework by Gretchen Rubin.  It makes so much sense to me and as a “Rebel” according to her quiz, I finally have given myself permission to have a problem with authority (and pretty much anyone who tells me what to do!).  So of course, I loved this interview with Lewis Howes.  There is so much insight into human nature and if you are an entrepreneur, understanding these differences is super important.  Check it out and let me know what tendency you are!

Extroverts May Be More Exhausted Than Introverts 3 Hours Later

You might be tired.  You might love naps (I know I do!)  But guess who else is tired?  Extroverts!  I am exhausted just watching and listening to them so just reading this article made me feel better (and slightly more energized).

Here’s How Ambitious Introverts Are Secret Weapons in Negotiation

Introverts have a lot of super powers.  We are super listeners, able to build a relationship in a single bound and have incredible powers of observation.  These super powers are often overlooked which makes them even more powerful.


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Five Simple Tips for Introverts in Sales

As a CEO and founder of a company that mentors introverts, many people find it surprising that I only admitted to myself recently that I was an introvert. Which is crazy since I remember being in the 2nd grade absolutely horrified that the teacher might call on me and the entire class might stop and look at me all at once! I used to hide at lunch time in high school because I was too embarrassed to ask someone to sit with me. Because the truth is, I thought being an introvert meant that something was wrong with me.

Fast forward a few years and I somehow ended up with a job in corporate sales. I forced myself to attend conferences that drained me, pretended to be someone outgoing, attempted to make small talk and did all the things I thought I needed to do to be a high performer. But I finally got to a point where it was just too exhausting. But the incredible thing was that once I started being myself, I became every more successful.

When I started teaching others how to sell and grow their business revenue, I finally realized that I had adapted my introverted style to work for me. Not only was it not a flaw or something I needed to change, it was my greatest asset. It might be yours too. So I created five simple tips for my introvert friends about sales that I want to share with you.

  1. Be the REAL You

The key to confidence in sales is knowing and owning your sales style. Many people have a false perception that they must be pushy or “salesy” to sell. You don’t. You can be quiet, introverted, goofy. You don’t have to fake it, you just have to be you (in the way you are most comfortable)  

2. Make It Personal

Your story is what makes you unique and memorable. Talk about yourself and what makes you unique. Your hobbies, your family, your love of pickles, whatever. People remember the person not the product. And no one can question your expertise in yourself.

3. Don’t Quit Before You Get Started

50% of people I talk to say they are terrible at follow up.  Newsflash – the money is ALL in the follow up.  This is the single, easiest thing you can do to increase sales. The first time you ask if only the beginning.

Not everyone is ready to buy today. If someone tells you they are not ready or puts off the discussion, its ok. But you need to follow up. Tomorrow, next month, next year. 60% of sales are made after the fourth discussion yet 94% of people quit after the fourth call*. Those 6% are making a lot more money!!!

*From The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

4. Say Good-Bye to Guilt

Being confident in sales is about having the right mindset. If you feel guilty about asking someone for the sale you are already setting yourself up for failure. Instead, approach each discussion knowing that selling is serving and that you may have a “sacred contract” with the person you are talking to. You are sharing your special gift, your magic with someone. There are people who are as much in need of what you have as you are to share it.

5.  Show Up and Be Seen
Not publicizing our gifts can be especially hard for us as introverts. Your amazing business shouldn’t be your best kept secret. And no one can find you if you are hiding your awesomeness. Take a baby step: post your writing on Facebook, show a friend your art, just take a baby step to showing someone your work. You may be surprised at how great it feels & what amazing feedback you receive.


Want to find out more about how to sell using your introverted strengths? I created a free video workshop called, “Quiet Selling” which is available just for the month of March. You can check it out here:




Why Introverts Make The Best Salespeople

I recently got a nasty message on Facebook that questioned how I could teach introverts how to sell.  “Introverts can’t sell, I don’t know what your background is but you obviously don’t know anything about selling”  This made me laugh since not only do I have pretty stellar sales experience but I am also an introvert.  And I am not unique.

I took some time to ask former colleagues who worked in full time sales roles.  Did they notice a difference between introverts and extroverts on their sales teams?  Many mentioned that their most successful long term sales people were indeed introverts.  Why?  Because introverts are great at building deep relationships.  They are great listeners, they can read a room, they notice the fine details, they are great observers.  All required skills for high level sales.

So why would this person be so shocked that I am talking about introverts and selling?  While I can never be certain, I think most of us have an outdated view of selling.  When people talk sales, the first picture that pops into their mind is a used car salesman who is pushy, aggressive and often sleazy.  Our society constantly reinforces this inaccurate picture in movies and advertising.  These people exist but I would never say they are successful in their jobs.  They may achieve short terms wins but how many people walk away saying they would never come back?  How many of their customers refer them to others?  How many repeat customers do they have?  I am guessing very few.  And I would make a solid bet they are not the highest long term performers.

The best salespeople I have ever worked with know that listening is more important than talking.  That building trust takes time and authenticity matters.  They know that different personalities have different needs and they learn what each person needs by observing them, their team and what they say (and don’t say).  Introverts notice the fine details and while extroverts are often great at making introductions, its introverts who are building the relationships behind the scenes.

The other misunderstanding is that many people misunderstand the word introvert.  Even introverts themselves!  Introversion is a scale just like many things and some of us are highly introverted, shy or even have social anxiety.  Other introverts may love some social situations but need time alone to recharge.  I personally didn’t admit I was an introvert for years because I was really trying to be what I thought everyone wanted.  I looked at my introversion as a character flaw I should change instead of something to embrace.  But that left me with low confidence and very exhausted.

The fact is, the skills required to excel at high level sales are the strengths of introverts.  The problem is that many introvert think there is only one way to sell.  So if they are brave enough to try it, they often get discouraged if they fail or find it too challenging.  But those that persist often develop their own style.  They have in person meetings instead of big social events for clients.  They build deep relationships with a few key people.  They observe and listen to determine next steps.  And the great thing about sales is that is a results driven profession.  The end result is what matters, not how you got there.

I usually don’t comment back to people on social media who make nasty comments.  But I honestly couldn’t help myself when I saw that comment and had to respond.  “My background is 15 years of high level media sales for Fortune 500 companies.  I have sold well over $100 million dollars.  And I was such a shy as a kid, I couldn’t even raise my hand in class.  I am a total introvert.  Whats the last thing you sold?”  It turns out, he was a brand new sales person at an electronics store with only a few months experience.

Want to find out more about how to sell using your introverted strengths?  I created a free video workshop called, “Quiet Selling” which is available just for the month of February.  You can check it out here:


Christine Pereira is the founder of and mentors introverts & entrepreneurs how to gain confidence to generate more income, create better relationships and still be true to themselves.



The One Thing We Forget About Confidence

Last week, I spent a few days at the LinkedIn Learning offices in Carpenteria, CA.  I was filming my second class there on Salesforce.  And it got me thinking about confidence and how the process of presenting classes on their platform has challenged and grown my confidence in different ways.

Let me explain more.  LinkedIn Learning is a teaching platform and I was lucky enough to be hired as an expert in Salesforce.   I was paired with a professional producer (that’s her in the photo above), created an outline, script and spent several months practicing.   Months of writing, editing and organizing culminated in three days of live recording.  This is me in the recording booth.

inside the recording studio

I look happy in this photo because we took it at the end of three days (a picture on day one would NOT have looked like that).  I felt accomplished because not only had I finished the project, it had not been easy.  I got hours of feedback like, “Try that again, you were not speaking clearly”, “Too many ums, do it again”, “You are swallowing too much, do it again”.   All very valid observations that could improve my recordings.

Luckily, I was paired with an extremely professional and supportive producer who made it clear that all of her feedback was to help me improve and to create the best class experience possible.

And it made me think.  What if she had not been so supportive.  What if the criticism, while constructive, made me even more nervous?  The one thing we tend to forget about confidence is that our confidence can grow if it is challenged.

Confidence is something we are constantly working on and it fluctuates up and down at various times in our lives or even days of the week.  It is dependent on not just our experiences but how we react to those experiences.  And if you are an entrepreneur, this is even more important for you.  Confidence is what will get you more clients, make you more money, help you create partnerships and support you to keep going even though its hard.

The experience at LinkedIn really built my confidence in many ways.  First, it helped me become an even better teacher just through practice.  It allowed me to face a challenging situation and negative (but constructive) feedback and decide that I was going to allow that feedback to help me grow instead of make me feel insecure.  And that challenge only made me feel MORE confident after the entire experience was over.

It reminds me of what I told my son about one of his soccer games last year.  He played against another team who didn’t have enough players so they had to forfeit.  Of course, he was excited because his team won.   Then I explained to him, the wins that REALLY feel good are the ones that are hard.  When  both teams play their hardest and challenge themselves.  When you win that game, it feels even better.  As I told him that story, I realized there was a part of that story I needed to listen to for myself.  It was time to stop tackling the easy challenges.  It was time to push myself.

When we challenge ourselves and push through our comfort zone, the win is even more meaningful than our easy challenges.  So here is my question for you.  When was the last time you really challenged yourself in a big way?  What was your big win?  By sharing your story with us, it not only makes it more concrete in your own mind, it may inspire other entrepreneurs to do the same.

What's Your Super Power?

The Introvert’s Latent Super Power

Did you know that your introverted personality is a super power?

It truly is an amazing asset, let me tell you why…

What do you think is the #1 personality trait to help you generate more sales (and income) in your business?

It’s NOT a cheesy closing line.
It’s NOT how you look.
And it’s definitely NOT natural born talent.

So what is it…it’s the ability to LISTEN.

Think about what makes you introverted:

-Do you prefer deep conversation over crowded parties?
-Would you rather spend a quiet evening conversing near the fireplace than socializing in a loud club?
-Do you react to situations or reflect and contemplate before responding?

For introverts, the answers are obvious. And they boil-down to ONE key superpower: Active Listening.

After all, successful sales is all about understanding the needs of your customers and determining if you can fulfill those needs with your service or product. So while extroverts may have the ability to initiate conversation and deliver a sales pitch, they often forget to find out what the prospect really needs or wants.

It’s through listening you find out the pain points of your customers, discover their objections and (with a few good questions) determine the transformation they want to create in their life.

You have the innate skill to understand and empathize at a deep level.

In this way, people feel heard. They feel understood – by you.

This puts you in a very positive position: because if you’re the one that understands their problem, then you’re also the one to solve that problem… with your product or service.

Listening is the key.

I would love to hear from you.  What other introverted super powers do you have?

What if Everything Was This Easy!?

Did you know that Soulful Selling co-created an amazing coloring book?

This is the story of how and why that book was created.

Do you believe in miracles? I do, and the creation of this book is one of those miracles.

Three years ago, I worked in a corporate job with a small baby and a three-year old at home. I worked all day in a stressful sales job and then rushed home every night to spend a few precious moments with my family. I felt stressed, miserable under appreciated and overworked. I was failing at every part of my life. I knew I needed to get out of my situation, but I had no idea how. And even less of an idea of what to do once I got there.

Looking back, I realize that I was (and still am) on an amazing spiritual journey to reconnect with myself, my spirit and my true desires. Once I set this as my new intention, things began to unfold with ease.

The first thing I realized was that I was spending WAY too much time in my head – processing information, making logical decisions and then taking action. I was spending almost NO time in my heart – feeling, watching, listening and slowing down. As someone who prided myself as an action taker, it was hard at first to slow down and just listen to my body, my intuition or the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.

But once I did, it was wonderful! I found myself again and began to remembered my passions. I could see a wonderful new future in store as an entrepreneur.

Soulful Selling was founded in June 2015 on the day I was fired from my second job in 9 months. A pretty clear sign that it was energetically time to move on.

My mission was clear – to empower women to promote themselves and to teach them to sell without feeling guilt or shame or any negative energy whatsoever. As I started working with fellow entrepreneurs and small companies, it became clear often our fears of selling are signs of deeper issues.

Where we might lack self confidence, there is missing connection with our personal truth or undiscovered passions. And when we discover our truth and passions, we realize the root cause of the fear is not around sales, it is the fear of being You.

One of most powerful things I discovered about myself is that I am a genuine introvert and empath, which has given me
amazing insights into my own preferred style of doing business, and in sharing my story, it has also allowed me to connect and empower many like-minded souls around the world.

This Soulful Mandala Coloring Book came together magically with total ease. I believe you were meant to have it. And the simple act of coloring and doodling is a perfect way to get out of your head and into your heart. This was made for you. I hope you enjoy it. Rejoice that we live in a world where miracles are happening all around us.


Looking for inspiration? You can purchase copies of the coloring book here:

Making Friends with Rejection and Why It Could Be Your Secret to Success

A friend recently told me that being able to deal with rejection was the key differentiator between successful and non-successful sales people. And I have to say, I agree with him.

Rejection sucks, there is no other way to put it.  But letting it get you down is taking the easy way out.

I remember when I started my first real sales job. Before each call I would be terrified. What if they didn’t buy? What if they said NO? What if I was rejected? As an introvert it was easy for me to take rejections personally. As though it meant my product or service wasn’t good enough.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that most people don’t buy. This is true of every business, anywhere. On average, 80-90% of the people who see or ask about your product won’t actually buy. The minute I realized this, it immediately took the pressure off!

Suddenly, I could see rejection in a whole new light. Rejection became my friend!

First of all, not every client is right for your business. If you’re a creator or service provider who appreciates your customers, then you deserve clients that appreciate you.  A sales process that aligns with your unique voice and talents is a perfect way to naturally screen for your perfect client. Let every ‘no’ make space for the perfect ‘YES’.

Second, every sales call is an incredible opportunity to get to know your market in depth. Introverts are especially good at this and it’s true whether you make the sale or not.  You can find out critical information about your client pool – like demographics, motivations, desires and what problems they need solved.

Third,  a properly aligned sales sequence has the potential to give you vital feedback about your product. Done correctly, you can infuse product development in your marketing efforts.

Finally, ‘No’ is often just another way of saying ‘not right now’. This is actually great news for introverts (and not always for extroverts), because if you can create authentic relationships with people based on mutual trust then your chances for a future sale go way up. Remember, 60% of all sales occur after the buyer says no 4 times!

So, in a very real way, the sooner you make friends with “rejection,” the sooner you’ll be making sales, generating revenue and putting your business on the map.

So how do you get over the initial sting of rejection?  I am the first to admit some days are just harder than others and there are days when hearing a lot of “NOs” just feels horrible.  How do you snap out of it?  Let me share something I do when rejections get me down. I created a “Gratitude Page” with photos of clients, success stories, and inspiring quotes that I put near my phone! I am so grateful to have helped these people and I know the feeling is mutual. Any time I am feeling nervous or a little down, I use it to cheer me up. And I invite you to do the same! After all, your past clients know how amazing you are because they’ve experienced your magic. You can use their transformations and future transformations as your motivations!

Here’s to a successful 2017 with many many rejections (which lead to your true successes)!

Want the Inside Story about Soulful Selling? (Interview)

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have set your intentions
for an amazing 2017.

A few months ago, I was approached by Dr. Valerie Baker who was creating
a podcast about inspiring women entrepreneurs.  She asked to interview
me and that interview is now live!

If you want to hear the background on how I started Soulful Selling, check it out!

I share some of my earliest challenges and memories about being an extremely
shy child and how that actually led to my love of sales at an early age.

And I share how and why I walked away from a high six figure sales career
to follow my passion.  Its a bit embarrassing but I shared all the details with

You can listen here:

And just a reminder, our Quiet Selling – Soulful Selling for Introverts Class is
coming up in a few months.  Sign up here for the wait list and get access to
early bird bonuses:

Here’s To a Prosperous 2017!

Are You Exhausted By Pretending To Be An Extrovert?

Have you ever pretended to be an extrovert?

I have. More times than I can count.

For a long time, I didn’t even realize I was faking. I was just trying to be what I thought I “should” be.  More talkative, more outgoing, the life of the party.  Someone who could remember jokes and make  people laugh.

Because everywhere I looked, extroverts were succeeding.  In classrooms, at getting raises, promotions, even more dates! They were definitely not the most qualified.  They were the people who made sure they got noticed.  It seemed clear to me that the way to succeed was to be an outgoing extrovert. And I thought I was a pretty good actor.

So for years, I pretended to be one and it left me exhausted.  I did it for so long, I started to forget who I was and what made me happy.

Have you ever pretended to be someone you’re not?

Being a total fake really wears on you.  I felt really disconnected  to who I was which was pretty scary.  Do you think the only way to get ahead is to pretend  you are an extrovert?  

If so, I am guessing you are in one of two groups:

1-You believe you need to behave like an extrovert to  succeed but that is too painful for you. So you just don’t promote yourself.

2-You behave like an extrovert when needed and hope you can keep it up.

I’m so sorry to tell you this but neither of those is a good solution. 

No one is that good of an actor And if you continue to follow either one of those paths, its going to be really hard to make a sustainable change in your life or business.  I don’t know your situation and I won’t tell you there is one magical solution because everyone is different.

But I can tell you what worked for me. Once I slowed down and did some work on myself, I realized  I was an introvert.

But I had to do more than realize it, I had to accept and embrace it.

It was like coming home.
A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.
It made everything easier.

And looking back, it seems crazy that I put so much effort into doing things that just exhausted me even further.

I had figured out how adapt to things in my own way.

But I had to retrain myself.
Actually, de-program myself.

The biggest reward was that I was able to see my life more clearly And to make some big career changes that supported me and my natural temperament. So I created a job I loved and enjoyed! I no longer felt like a fake!

I had more energy for myself and my family And I began the process of accepting myself.